Google Adwords Management

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Are your Adwords campaigns as affective as they should be?

Whether you want to control of your online brand presence, increase conversions or are struggling to get on page one through organic results, done well, Google Adwords is a great way to achieve (and surpass!) your online goals & objectives.

Google Adwords Management Services

With years of experience behind us, our industry experts take a complex, strategic approach to Google Adwords campaigns to ensure your business or organisation gets the best possible results for your paid ads. We utilise our intimate knowledge of Adwords’ features, Ad types and suite of tools to create high performing campaigns. We work with you to ensure the right keyword selection, campaign settings along with Ad type, copy, targeting & extensions achieve high quality scores, better ad placement and lower CPCs. We ensure appropriate landing pages and content are set up to enable the best conversions rates.

Ongoing Management & Reporting

We regularly monitor and maintain your Adwords campaigns by analysing and refining individual keyword performance, bid settings, Ad copy and Ad group structure so you get the most of your campaigns.

Monthly Reports:

Through goal & event tracking, eCommerce tracking and customised Google Analytics dashboards, we ensure we are capturing all relevant data in a clear and understandable way. We provide our clients with a comprehensive monthly report making it easy for you to see how your campaigns are performing and more importantly, see clear, measurable results.

Quarterly Business Reviews:

We also recommend quarterly face-to-face business reviews. These reviews provide an opportunity to analyse performance, receive feedback and identify new opportunities based on current industry trends, tools, features and information. These reviews also ensure that the strategies continuously align with business goals and objectives.

Certified Google Partner

Bliss Search Agency is a certified Google Partner, which means we have access to Google training, exclusive tools as well as guidance and support directly from Google. This enables us to provide you with the best advice, strategies and support for your Adwords campaigns.