Search Engine Optimisation

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Get in front of the RIGHT audience, and maximise visibility in search engines.

Through a strategic approach to on and off page optimisation, Bliss Search Agency can help your business or organisation achieve organic rankings for keywords YOUR audience is typing into search engines. Reach your target audience at the perfect time, right when they’re looking for your product or service.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Bliss Search Agency’s strategic approach to Search Engine Optimisation is very conversion focused. We work on ‘quality over quantity’ to ensure good quality, qualified traffic and/or leads come through to your site. We use a combination of both on and off page initiatives and have internal processes that ensure we stay at the forefront and utilise the latest industry trends, tools and insights.

Ongoing Management & Reporting

We regularly monitor and maintain your search strategy using Google Analytics and other sophisticated search industry software. We analyse statistics and insights to address the many factors that can impact SEO performance including Google’s continually changing algorithms.

Monthly Reports:

Through customised dashboards, we ensure we are capturing all relevant data in a clear and understandable way. We provide our clients with a comprehensive monthly report making it easy for you to see how your campaigns are performing and more importantly, see clear, measurable results.

Quarterly Business Reviews:

We also recommend quarterly face-to-face business reviews. These reviews provide an opportunity to analyse performance, receive feedback and identify new opportunities based on current industry trends, tools, features and information. These reviews also ensure that the strategies continuously align with business goals and objectives.