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In a world where digital is crucial, digital knowledge and expertise are extremely valuable.

Designed to educate, upskill and arm your team with the knowledge that will help them better understand, implement and manage your digital assets. Our professional development workshops are customised so they are relevant to your business or organisation.

Digital Workshops & Training

Investing in education is not only extremely rewarding for your staff, but it is a fantastic way to achieve ongoing, sustainable digital success. From writing content to win work & appeal to search engines, developing smart social media strategies or learning how to identify and utilise untapped opportunities through the myriad of digital channels available to us, the benefits are both exciting and endless.

We tailor our workshops based on the level of participant expertise, what type of training is required and the areas within an organisation that need improving. We customise our workshops so they are can be put into context and are relevant to your business or organisation.

Workshop topics include:

  • Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation / Search Engine Marketing
  • Understanding Google Analytics
  • Writing digital content for conversions
  • Writing digital content for search engines
  • Repurposing traditional content for digital
  • Digital distribution
  • Social Media management
  • and more…